Annual Gold Card discount


  • Get 1/3 discount on off-peak pay as you go fares and off-peak daily caps. Travel any time on weekends and public holidays and after 09:30, Monday to Friday
  • Get 1/3 off National Rail Standard, First Class Anytime and off-peak fares for you and up to three adults when travelling with you
  • Get 60% off child National Rail fares for up to four children aged between 5-15 when travelling with you
  • Get 1/3 off Off-Peak Day Travelcards
  • Buy a 16-25, Family & Friends, Senior, Two Together, Disabled Persons or Network Railcard (if eligible) for just £10 for you or someone else

Find out more about the Annual Gold Card.

Add your discount to your Oyster card

You need to add your Gold Card discount to your Oyster card to get discounted pay as you go fares.

A member of staff can add your discount, at:

You'll need to show your ticket or Gold Record Card and give a password.

You can then create or sign in to your contactless and Oyster account and add your Oyster card. Use the same password you gave to staff when they added your discount. If you don't, you can't get a refund or replacement.

When you renew your annual ticket, you'll need to add the discount to your Oyster card again.

Can I get it?

You get a Gold Card, or Gold Record Card if you:

  • Buy an adult-rate Annual Travelcard on an Oyster card, National Rail smartcard or paper and you're issued with a Gold Record Card
  • Buy an adult-rate point to point season ticket for journeys that start and end in the Annual Gold Card area

You can buy your annual ticket at a station and you'll also get your Gold Record Card.

If you order online, we'll send your Gold Record Card in the post. You're not eligible for discounts until you have it.

How to use

Carry your Annual Gold Card or Gold Record Card and Oyster card, with the discount added, with you at all times. Don't let anyone else use them.

Not received or lost your Gold Record Card?

If you've not received or lost your Gold Record Card, call us on 0343 222 1234 (call charges may apply).

When you receive your new Gold Record Card, you'll need to add your discount to your Oyster card again.