Hammersmith Bridge

River traffic is not allowed below the bridge and the Thames Path is also closed under the bridge, on both sides.

See the latest travel advice for Hammersmith Bridge.

Investigations show that cracking in the bridge structure in an area of high stress has gotten worse - this may have been caused by the extremely hot weather in August.

The bridge will stay closed until we're sure it's safe. Our contractors are currently investigating to give a clearer idea of how long it needs to stay closed.

Hammersmith Bridge Taskforce

The Hammersmith Bridge Taskforce was set up by the Department for Transport in September 2020 to work towards safely reopening Hammersmith Bridge. The Taskforce is chaired by Baroness Vere and includes representatives from TfL, the London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham, the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames, Network Rail, the Greater London Authority and the Port of London Authority.

Look under 'Announcements' on Baroness Vere's web page for notes from the latest Taskforce meeting.

Temporary walking/cycling bridge

We're supporting Hammersmith & Fulham with the extensive repairs needed to protect the bridge for the future.

Even before cracking forced the bridge close to all traffic, our plans included a temporary walking and cycling bridge. The Council had asked us to consider installing a temporary bridge to keep this essential link across the river open.

The temporary bridge we proposed is a seven metre-wide, prefabricated steel structure, supported by two piers in the river. The bridge would be step free, with a 5.5 metre-wide surface for people walking and cycling. Access would be by shallow ramps from Queen Caroline Street on the north bank and from close to the junction of Castelnau and Riverview Gardens on the south bank.

We will need planning permission from both Richmond and Hammersmith & Fulham councils to build the temporary bridge.

We also want to ensure that areas around the landing points of the temporary bridge are fully restored for the benefit of the local community once all the main bridge repair works have been finished and the temporary bridge has been removed.

We've collated the most common questions we've received into a single document - we hope they answer any outstanding queries.

Your views

Between 4 March and 5 April 2020, we gathered people's views about our plans for a temporary bridge. We have now published our report.

Among people responding to our questionnaire:

  • 88% supported or strongly supported the scheme, although some respondents objected in principle to our proposals
  • 95% agreed or strongly agreed that it is important to maintain walking and cycling at Hammersmith while the main bridge is being repaired

Next steps

Before the coronavirus pandemic, our planned next step was to apply for planning permission to build the temporary bridge.

However, the pandemic's impact on our finances means both the repairs to the main bridge and building the temporary bridge now depend on additional funding from Government.

Also, the terms of any planning consent and the licenses required mean we would need full funding in place to repair Hammersmith Bridge before we could install a temporary bridge. This is to ensure the temporary bridge would only be there for a limited period.

Until we know the outcome of current negotiations with Government to fund TfL beyond 17 October 2020, we must pause the planning application for the temporary bridge.

As part of these negotiations, we will ask for the full funding needed to refurbish Hammersmith Bridge, including the temporary bridge, stabilisation works and main bridge strengthening works.

A Hammersmith Bridge Taskforce, convened by Baroness Vere of the Department for Transport, is currently assessing all options to help those affected by the closure of the bridge.

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