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Our work with London's local authorities on Streetspace for London will:

  • Make it easier and safer for people to keep up social distancing
  • Help people walk and cycle more often
  • Avoid a sharp increase in car use. If people switch even a fraction of their previous journeys to cars, essential deliveries and emergency services will be gridlocked
  • Keep London's air as clean as possible to protect everyone's health and to reduce carbon emissions

Where we're working

We're introducing Streetspace schemes on the roads we're responsible for - London's red routes - as well as existing and upcoming cycle routes.

The list of schemes is updated on the London Streetspace Programme page.

See a map of Streetspace schemes across London that we've produced with Sustrans. You can also use the map to give your feedback on the schemes.

We are also funding boroughs to reallocate road space away from motor traffic to make walking and cycling safer and easier. Work is underway on new cycle routes in Camden and Waltham Forest, with routes set to link Chalk Farm to Kings Cross, and Blackhorse Road to Haringey.

On some borough roads:

  • The Schools Streets programme is restricting vehicle access outside schools during drop off and pick up times
  • Pedestrians at a limited number of pedestrian crossings see a continuous green man signal unless a vehicle is approaching - in that case, the red man will appear

What we're doing

Temporary Streetspace projects in your area might be:

  • Adding to the cycle network by creating new lanes and routes - including a temporary cycle lane now running along Park Lane
  • A major new walking, cycling and bus-only corridor along the A10 Bishopsgate. The corridor connecting Shoreditch and London Bridge is now live - improvements to other central London corridors will follow
  • Widening pavements so people can safely walk past queues outside shops or stations - we have already created extra space in around two dozen places, from Brixton to Camden, and beyond
  • Creating low-traffic corridors on residential streets so more people can walk and cycle as part of their daily routine - in Lambeth, our funding has created a low-traffic neighbourhood in the Oval Triangle area between Vauxhall, Oval and Stockwell Tube stations by making some roads there access-only for motor vehicles

Have your say on the future of Streetspace

Our work to create more opportunities for people to walk and cycle should:

  • Help Londoners lead safe and healthier lives overall
  • Help us address our national climate change, air quality and health crises

We want many of the changes we're implementing to become permanent. But before deciding longer-term changes, we need to understand how our schemes are affecting you.

Starting now, we want to hear from as many people, businesses, organisations and stakeholders as possible. Let us know what you think about Streetspace by email at

We'll also hold events until late 2020 that will give you a chance to talk to us about Streetspace - check back here for more information.

We expect to hold these events online as long as social distancing is recommended. However, we hope that we'll have opportunities to engage directly with you, your community and businesses in your local area.

How we'll decide about the future of Streetspace schemes

We'll listen to you about which schemes should be made permanent, or be amended or removed. We expect to start our decision-making process in late 2020.

The other factors that we'll consider when making our decisions are the impact a scheme has had (and could continue to have) on:

  • Safety - road safety and pedestrian overcrowding in the area
  • Congestion - traffic, including the bus network
  • Equality - people protected under the Equality Act 2010
  • Opportunity - the number of cyclists and pedestrians who use it
  • Locality - the look and feel of the local area

Telling you about our decisions

When we make a decision to remove or amend a scheme - or to make it permanent - we promise to be open and transparent and explain why a decision was reached and what will happen next.

We'll also let you know how you can continue to make your views heard through the statutory consultation process if we decide to make a scheme permanent.

Resources for boroughs

Information on funding and guidance on creating Streetspace schemes is on the Streetspace funding page.

Contact us

Share your thoughts and experiences of the new temporary measures at

If you need a detailed response, email Customer Services on